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click here to tour the e-invite designs Create dazzling custom E-invitations & Announcements enhanced with interactive features that will amaze all your guests! Create an unlimited number of designs using your own photos too!

Using the Create Invitations & Announcements feature on Findandremind®, you’ll be able to send your own e-invitations, announce a school fundraiser, a family get-together, a community event – hey, even a flash mob if that’s your thing. With an integrated RSVP system, automatic reminders and tons of beautiful design themes, you’ll be able to customize your own cards and easily track who’s attending.  Or post them to your Group home pages to announce a group event!

findandremind invitations screenshot

But that’s just scratching the surface of what the e-invitation feature can do. It also gives you:

  • Personalized images.
    Add your own pictures! Every e-card has its own photo album for guests to share…right from the e-card!
  • Message Board.
    For guests to discuss the event…right on the invitation!
  • Auto Tracking.
    Events go straight to your calendar when you send to your guests, and shows up on theirs too!
  • Reminders.
    Choose when auto reminders go out…so participation is maximized!
  • Route Mapping.
    Just click the “Map It” button and get instant directions to the event!
  • Logistics Coordination
    Add Carpool/ Volunteer signup sheets, or create Group Links with your guests for future event planning with the click of a button.
  • Priority Rotation
    Finally, one of the coolest features is Auto Invite – a unique method of inviting people to an event when you have a limited number of spots and a preference for whom you’d like to invite first. Only YOU see this information – so no one’s feelings get hurt if they weren’t picked first for your new softball team.

Here’s one example of how creating an invitation with Findandremind lets you be way more creative, way more organized, and way more impressive to all your friends.

findandremind invitations screenshot

Your oldest son’s graduation is coming up, and you’re throwing him a party. You have him pose in his cap and gown for a photo, and upload it. You choose a graduation-themed card design, and with one click you put his photo right on the cover. After entering your announcement details, it’s time to think about the guest list.

You’ve rented a small venue for it, you’re using a caterer, and you’d prefer to limit guests to extended family and his closest friends. There are options to import existing contacts from your Family Group, and as for your son’s friends, you can add contacts by hand.

But June is a busy month for everybody, and you don’t want to end up with a half-filled room.

Auto-Invite to the rescue! Send invitations first to your preferred group, give them a fixed time to respond, and once that deadline passes it will automatically send out invitations to a second group, then a third, and so on.

When guests confirm, they’ll even be able to map a route to the location directly from the included link – won’t that dazzle them! Then they can post your kudos right to the Message Board.

Already thinking of how you could deploy a tool like this?

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