Did You Know: What to do when you’re invited to an Online Group Link

Did you know what to do when you were invited by someone to an Online Group Link ?

So you were invited to an Online Group Link by someone, perhaps your child’s teacher, your church/temple admin, a friend who leads a Cycling group, a fundraiser group at school, whatever the case may be…now you’re connected with everyone in the group via a single Homepage where all messages, events, invitations, online sign up sheets flyers, files, sign up sheets and more are shared in one handy place.  There’s a Shared Calendar, a group Photo Album, and Blogs too!

Even better, once you joined findandremind via the invitation link from your group leader, you now have your own private online Command Center to organize and coordinate all your own activities and schedules in your life too!  You’ll see the Group Link you just joined in the group section of your Command Center, which you simply click to enter the Homepage.  And every group you create or become a member of from that point on will be listed separately in the group section of your Command Center, and members from one of your groups cannot see any of your other groups.

Every piece of information posted on your Group Link homepages is “pushed out” to your Command Center (Messages, Events, Invitations, Flyers, Online Sign Up Sheets, and more) all neatly organized for your private viewing.

You’ll see that findandremind is really your “Life Organizer” for home, friends, community, and work life! Starting invited friends today and build your findandremind communities!

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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