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Did you know that findandremind was built to organize ALL aspects of your life from a single Command Center?

Whether you joined findandremind only to schedule your personal events, or just for your classroom, sports team, congregation, fundraising group, or just for your staff…don’t stop there! Findandremind was built to aggregate and segregate all your events and connections in all aspects of your life, and let you easily toggle between them with just a click ALL IN ONE ONLINE PLACE! Even better, your events are safely stored “in the findandremind cloud”, so you can access from any computer or mobile device!

  1. Your Command Center is your private organizing and networking center that brings all your private and shared events and connections together in one spot.  Your Online Calendar, Message Center, To Do Lists, Group Links, Sign Up Sheets and more are accessible with ease!
  2. Some of your events can be private, others you may have shared, you may have your own family Group Link and yet another for your classroom, church group, sports team, and work staff. Findandremind organizes all of them in your Command Center, so easily accessible.
  3. The connections to all these important events and groups are just a click away in one handy place! The point is…try out findandremind with some other aspects of your life and see what happens! We think you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you’ll become organizing everything from one site, instead of using multiple sites or none at all!

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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