Did You Know: Online Document Sharing

Did you know that you can upload documents to share with the members of your group?

It’s fast and easy to use, just go to Group Links > [choose a Group] > + New Message.  This link allows you to send an announcement that will show on the Group Link Home Page, and will also be emailed to every member (including any attachments) both in their findandremind message center, and their external email address. Look for an image icon at the top of the message body, click that and follow the directions to upload your document.

NOTE: You can also paste some picture formats directly in the message body (e.g. flyers, photos, etc.), and the picture shows directly on the group link page.

To share a document on your group’s home page without emailing it to everyone, go to Group Links > [choose a Group] > Group Links > + Add  Note. Then look for the image icon, and follow the directions for uploading. Your document will be right there on the home page for everyone to view.

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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