Did You Know: Join your School or Church/Temple Online Group

Did you know you can join your School or Church/Temple Online Group Link in your area?

Every findandremind member can quickly and easily join their school or church/temple online group.  We have nearly every school and church or temple in our database in the U.S., so chances are you’ll find yours!

Every Group Link has its own homepage which is like a communication “hub” for the group, with a Shared Calendar, Notes, Photo Album, and Message Board and more!  Find other families you know who have already joined your group in your area, and easily reach out to them on the group homepage!  Don’t forget, you can create your own group links too, we simply provide pre-created location-based groups so you can easily find other families you already know or want to meet!

Great for coordinating and networking:

  • posting and organizing events
  • posting invitations and flyers
  • sharing photos
  • organizing fundraisers

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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