Did You Know: Create a Schedule and post to your online groups

Did you know you can use the Schedule Maker to post a schedule of events to a group of people?

The Schedule Maker makes it easy to create a series of events on one screen, and send to people! If you coordinate with a certain group of people often, like a sports team, classroom, or any activity group, then create a Group Link with those people first.  This creates a homepage “hub” for that group to post events, schedules, invitations, flyers, and much more all in one spot.

So you can click the Schedule button at the top right of your Group Link homepage and post the schedule to the group!  Everyone will get an email notification with the schedule details, and will be prompted to register with findandremind and create an account to view the schedule screen and group! Each event on the schedule will show up on the group link homepage shared calendar, and also in each member’s personal calendar in their Command Center.  Everyone gets automated reminders of each event too!

Great for:

  • season schedule of games
  • classroom events
  • church/temple service schedule
  • meeting schedule at the office

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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