Did You Know: Create a Carpool and post to your online group

Did you know you can use the Create Carpool function to post a carpool sign up sheet to your online groups?

The Carpool Sign Up Sheet function is the perfect way to organize carpools online with other folks in your groups.  And it’s so easy to setup!

First, just create a Group Link with the people you will often coordinate with.  A Group Link creates an online homepage that’s a communication “hub” for your group.  Then click the “Add Carpool” icon at the top right of your group page, and follow the easy steps to setup a carpool sign up sheet!  Add as many vehicles and seats as you like, and post it! Every group member will get an email carpool invitation, and will be taken to the carpool sign up sheet!  The shared calendar on the group homepage also shows the carpool dates/times!

Even better, everyone gets an email reminder about the carpool.  Those that didn’t sign up get a friendly reminder to consider a seat, and those that already took a seat are reminded of the vehicle and departure/arrival times! Once you take a seat, the carpool shows up on your findandremind online calendar automatically.

Great for organizing carpools for:

  • team practices and games
  • school trips
  • church/temple events
  • trips to/from work

Get started now! It’s free to join and easy to use!

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