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Welcome to findandremind, the ultimate organizing, networking, and coordinating assistant. In this video we provide an overview of your private online Command Center, which is where you take control of all your online interactions with other findandremind members. No one can see your Command Center but you. And only content that you specifically Share with others can they see from their OWN Command Center.

Your Command Center is comprised of a few primary sections. Your Calendar, your Message Center, your To-do List tracker, your Group Link tracker, the Create section, the Find all My Stuff section, and your Account & Friend management area.

You also have different ways to view your Command Center zones. You can choose the Dashboard View that you see now, showing you everything at a single glance, or you can “zoom in” to each zone.

Your Calendar is really the epicenter of the command center, because all your events, invitations, sign up sheets, and to do lists show up here automatically and are just a click away to track your schedule with ease. There are also some cool reminder stickies that you can drag to your calendar for quick recording.

Your Message Center is where all your notifications come in, labeled with visual icons so you immediately know its type with just a glance. Here you can view all your Private Messages, Group messages, Event invitations, event reminders and more. And you can easily sort them by simply clicking the various filter icons at the top. All these notifications are pushed out to your email too, but you can turn that off any time.

Your To-Do List section is where you can create and track all your To-do’s in one handy place. Just click the link at the top of the section to create a To-do List, or just click on an existing list of tasks.

Your Group Link section is where you create and track all the Groups you’re a member of. Just click on a Group, and you’re taken immediately to that group’s little home page where communication is centralized just for those group members to see.

The “Create” section here is where you can quickly create all your events, schedules, custom e-inviations or flyers, sign up sheets, and more. You can also create content by clicking the links at the top of each quadrant.

Your Find all My Stuff section is just that, where you can quickly and easily find every event, sign up sheet, to do, group link, and everything else.

At the top is your Account and Friend management area, where you can invite people to findandremind, easily contact people on your Friends List, adjust your Profile and privacy settings, and invite new members and more.

So that’s the 20,000 ft overview of your Command Center. Check back for tutorials on each of the great organizing and networking functions within your Command Center on findandremind.

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