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FREE Online Carpool Sign Up Sheets, a carpool organizer that makes rounding up drivers and assigning passengers a snap! Fully integrated into everyone’s Findandremind calendar!

Wouldn’t it be great to easily coordinate sharing rides with other parents driving to the same soccer practices, after-school activities, or all those birthday parties?  But you know what it’s like to organize a carpool. You’ve got to find out where everyone lives, who’s got a big enough car, who’s free that day to drive, coordinate times and destinations – and plenty of other details.

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Findandremind’s carpool organizer was ingeniously conceived to turn this normally complex and often frustrating task into a simple, two-step process performed from your desktop. What could be easier than that?


It’s as simple as clicking the “Create Carpool” button and following the easy steps to build your sign up sheet…enter the relevant departure and return times, departure/destination information, and the number of vehicles needed. You can also set automated reminders for everyone!

Then, you’ll have the option of inviting people by hand (the way you’re used to), or use the amazing Map Locator feature to find friends and group members within a defined radius of your carpool’s departure location. People living within that area will automatically be included in the carpool request list, and passengers can easily be matched with drivers for maximum convenience!

Whatever invitation method you choose, your friends, teammates, or coworkers will receive an email invitation as soon as you add their email addresses to your guest list and send it.  They’ll be able to go directly to your link to sign up, either as drivers or passengers.

So all the amazing features allow you to:

  • Easily create and manage a carpool sign up sheet and coordinate rides.
  • Invite friends and group members near you to join the carpool using the Map Locator feature
  • Allocate people to carpool seats, or just let members sign up with a click.
  • Track your carpoolers in realtime as they sign up.
  • Talk to your carpool group in the comments area on every sign up sheet.
  • Save gas money and the environment!

For those people you coordinate activities with often, use our Group Link feature which creates a little home page (like a “hub”) for your group members, and post a carpool sign up sheet to the Group Link!

And because your Online Calendar sends out updates automatically, if there’s a change to any carpool-related event, everyone gets the word without your having to do anything.

It’s easier than ever to get your people where they’re going – so why wait?  Saving time, money, and the environment is a good thing for everyone!

Sign up now to start organizing your life, or click here to take a tour!

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