Calendar Events Options You Should Know About

Two very cool inviting options for events:

1)  Auto Invite (Invitations/Announcements, not quick-add or schedule): 

Choose your potential guests, put them in order of preference, and choose how many people you want to attend.  The system sends out the invitations in order one by one separated by the time interval you choose and gives them that amount of time to decide.  If they don’t respond, they automatically get a friendly cancellation notice and the next person is invited.

Once the number of guests you need accepts, the process stops, and you get a notification that your invitation is fulfilled.  This all happens automatically…saves a ton of time by eliminating phone calls, etc.  You can go about your day while the system does the work for you.

2)  Invite people near me (for Invitations/Announcements and Carpool Signup Sheets): 

The system finds every person on your Friends list and in all of your Groups who lives within a specific distance you choose from any address, and automatically shows them on a map and creates a guest list on your event with those people.  Then you can pick and choose from that list who you want to keep/delete.  It’s great for events that are people only go to if they live near the location (like fundraiser, even a birthday party, non-profit org event, etc.). One of the best applications for this feature is “Carpools”.

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