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Did You Know: Over 200,000 Group Links In Our Database

Did You Know

Did you know that we have over 200,000 school and church/temple Groups already in our database? Chances are yours is already there! To look for any groups listed that you may belong to, log in and click “Find groups in my area” in the Group Link section of your Command Center. Of course, you can always create your own Group Links too! Just log in and go to Create Group Links. Get started now! It’s [...]


Free Calendar Software to Help Organize Your Busy Life


Have you ever missed your son’s soccer game, your daughter’s school play, your husband’s promotion party, or your own hair salon appointment? With so many of us holding full-time jobs, juggling our children’s extracurricular activities, and managing our own events, it’s no wonder why calendars are relied on more than ever. With so many online calendar programs available online, it is now easier than ever to take your calendar with you on the go! Findandremind [...]


I’m a Coach or League Admin and want to setup my team and schedule. How do I do that?


First, hover your cursor over the red CREATE button and choose Group Link to setup a Group Link for your team(s) so you have your own little private home page (like a private website) for the team or league to centralize all communications. Follow the “Creating Your Group Link” instructions under Getting Started. Click the Add Schedule icon at the top right of the Group Link page. Then enter all the games and details and [...]


Introduction to Group Links


Findandremind is the Ultimate Organizing, Networking, and Coordinating Assistant. It’s completely free to use – all you do is choose a user name and password and confirm with your email address. Give it a try! The “group link” section of the site is perhaps one of the most interactive sections of the site, with registered users able to find the Church or School groups close to their geographic location or create their own groups. Registered [...]


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