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Findandremind®, the “Ultimate Organizing, Networking and Coordinating Assistant”, has recently launched Household Helpers online to provide you an easy way to find great TUTORS fast!

Finally a single safe and secure online place where you can schedule all your family activities, coordinate with others, and find Household Help!


Find great College Educated Tutors!

  • Easily find awesome Tutors from our constantly updated database of profiles!
  • And because we’re also the “go to” social network for families, find Tutors that your Findandremind Friends and Group members have recommended!
  • Just pick the criteria you’re looking for and voila!…view all the Tutor Profiles that fit your needs and contact them with a click!
  • Also post jobs and let Tutors contact you too!
  • See experience details, references, reviews, and more for every Tutor!
  • Enjoy your own organizing and networking Command Center to organize your own life too!

What our Tutors can do…

  • Science & Math
  • Reading & Writing
  • History
  • Test Preparation
  • Computers
  • Music & Art
  • Foreign Languages

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  1. Enter your info at
  2. On Step 2 of registration, Choose “I want to FIND Household Helpers”.
  3. Then in your account start finding Tutors near you based on criteria you choose!  It’s that EASY!
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