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Four kids and a busy family

With four kids and two careers between them, founders Tony and Sandy know exactly what it’s like to be overwhelmed by the daily demands of a family, school, and work life. From delivering kids to playdates and team practices to arranging tutors, carpools, and tracking school and work schedules, they routinely get pulled in numerous directions all at once.

A solution for families, students, and more

And that made Tony and Sandy just like you: a bit frazzled. So they came up with the all-in-one solution for families so busy they don’t always know whether they’re coming or going. It’s a clear path out of life’s daily chaos via this remarkably simple, yet incredibly robust, scheduling and networking “ecosystem”…online and accessible from anywhere.

Join forces with others in your life

The idea behind findandremind® is to coordinate families, events, students, and the groups and organizations important to them…all from one handy online place. Helping you join forces with others to streamline and manage your lives—all from the comfort of your keyboard (and soon our mobile app!).

A solution for Teams, Group Leaders, Schools, Churches/Temples, and Staff

With the social networking revolution in its early stages, your Team, Group, or Organization can now far better engage your members, better share information, and increase participation! Let findandremind’s powerful social “organizing” tools help you be at the forefront of this powerful new movement to coordinate online!

Don’t let life overwhelm you!

So why not make life overwhelmingly simple instead? And now that you have findandremind at your fingertips, feel free to start simplifying, organizing, and connecting!

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